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Brother Project Runway XR9500PRW

 Brother Project Runway XR9500PRW Sewing Machine 

Brother Project Runway XR9500PRW Sewing MachineThe Brother Project Runway XR9500PRW Limited Edition sewing machine is loaded with features which will take you from beginner to advanced sewer in no time.

Beginners, or experienced sewers, can add flair and chic appointments to projects with the lettering and monograming feature. With 100 built in stitches and 140 stitch functions you won't run out of projects any time soon.

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If your interests include quilting this is the perfect beginners machine to start with. The oversized quilt table lends itself to extra large projects. Priced at under $175.00 the XR9500PRW is a real value considering it's many features.

Read more about this machines features and our summary of consumer reviews to see why the Brother Project Runway XR9500PRW impresses us and experienced sewers.    

The Brother Project Runway XR9500 dispells the myth that a beginners sewing machine has to be be a barebones model you are bound to grow out of quickly. The XR9500 has 55 built in alphanueric stitches perfect for taking your projects to the next level with embelishments and monograming. The extra large work table accomodates quilting projects making this a good machine for anyone who wants to do machine quilting. As with most machines of this price point it can be employed for crafting, creating garments, and general sewing duty.

All told the Brother XR9500PRW features 100 built in stitches including all purpose utility, heirloom, and decorative stitches.The stitch patterns include 8 different styles of one step button holes. The machine boasts 140 stitch functions. A generous sized LCD screen displays which stitch you select, the presser foot used, stitch lenght, and stitch width.

To transition to monogram and letter stitching simply press the character select switch conveintly located just to the left of the LCD screen. In the character select mode the character number selected is also displayed on the LCD screen. Reverse and reinforcing stitching is accomplished by the press of a button.

The machine can be used free arm style to work small detail tubular projects; such as sleeves and cuffs. Simply slide off the flat bed attachement to convert the machine to free arm use.

The Brother XR9500 is operated by a conventional foot pedal, or the start / stop switch. The speed of the machine is adjusted by moving the variable speed adjustment control located right on the front of the machine body.

Brother uses what they call the easy threading and winding system on this model. It's a pretty straight forward affair to thread this machine; if one follows the manual carefully and threads the machine on the proper thread path. The bobbin is drop in style typical of other Brother Machines. The overall threading of the machines appears right on par with similar machines in the price point.

The XR9500 comes with a variety of seven presser feet. The presser feet in the box include; Button hole foot, Overcasting foot, Monogramming foot, Zipper foot, Blind stitch foot, Zigzag foot, and a Button fitting foot. The presser feet are easy to change out. Simply raise the foot lever, press the quick release botton behind the foot holder to release it, select your next presser foot, align the new foot with the holder, then lower the presser foot lever. It is important to make sure you attach the presser foot corresponding to the the stitch pattern selected.

The LED task lights shine brightly on the main work area and provide plenty of light for detail work.

We like the added lettering and monograing features of this machine which set it appart from the many other sewing machines aimed at beginnng sewers. For us the large work table is also a plus. If you jump into quilting no need to buy a new machine.

Given it's features and reasonable price the Brother XR9500PRW is a good fit for beginners looking for a machine to take them from basic projects to much more advanced fashion and craft projects.

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Continue Reading for our summary of literally hundreds of reviews on the Brother XR9500PRW


Brother XR9500PRW Electronic Sewing Machine Specifications

  • Free arm construction computerized sewing machine
  • 100 stitch patterns and 140 stitch functions
  • 55 monogram and letter patterns 
  • 8 styles of 1-step buttonholes
  • 7 snap-on presser feet included.
  • LCD screen to select each computerized stitch selection.
  • Quick auto-set drop-in bobbin
  • LED work lights
  • 7 mm stitch width
  • Extra large work table (this is nice).
  • Accessories: Needle set, screwdriver, cleaning brush, spool pins and bobbins

Brother XR9500PRW Computerized Sewing Machine Reviews brother 6000i rating

We poured through nearly 300 user and owner reviews of the Brother XR9500. All told the reviews added up to 4 and a half stars. Pretty impressive for a machine with decent features and a price of less than $175.00.

At first glance we were not sure if the machine is a true beginners machine. After all it has some fairly advanced lettering and monograing features. However that question was quickly answered; the first thing we noticed when going through owners reviews was just how many beginners sing it's praises for new or inexperienced sewers. Many bought this machine for younger users and reported that teens had no problem using the machine.

Experienced sewers who purchased the XR9500 say it's a good choice for a back up or one to take with you when you travel. One thing beginners and experienced sewers agree on is how quickly you can learn to use the machine; provided of course you read the instructions. Tons of reviewers say they unpacked the machine, read the instructions, watched the DVD, and were sewing in a half an hour.

Another group of reviewers fell into the category of "experienced sewer with a very old machine." Across the board this group of reviewers gave this Brother machine a big thumbs up; these owner were pretty impressed with the features of a more modern machine. Things such as the stop / start button, adjustable speed, quick change presser feet, and the large work table were exciting upgrades for them. However in fairness to other makes and models just about any good quality modern machine is a delightfull surprise for anyone that struggled with an old clunker.  

Several reviewers felt that a very strong point of this machine is the monogram and lettering function as well as the oversized work area. Other reviews did comment that they would like to see some more styles and sizes of the lettering font. Some specifically said they did not yet use all the features of the R9500PRW; however they plan on diving into more complex projects as they learn more about sewing and are very pleased they do not have to buy a more advanced machine anytime soon.

Users report the machine is light weight and easy to move around. Predictably a few folks felt a lightweight machine may be prone to moving around on a sewing table when being used. This was particularily true when the user was transitioning from a machine from the 1970s and was accustom to a very heavy metal machine. While we don't consider light weight to be a huge negative it is a valid concern for those that prefer a very heavy machine. If that is a concern for you we suggest you look into a non-slip pad to place this machine.

When we see lots of comments about a machine feeling light weight the question of sturdiness always arises. Some machines get rave reviews about being both light weight and very solid. No one commented on the sturdiness or lack of sturdiness of the machine, although a few were disappointed with the mainly plastic construction of the machine, but this is pretty standard construction for machines in this category and price range. Brother has a decent record when it comes to machine durability. So for the price it appears the machine is put togather well.

Reviewers felt the machine had plenty of power and reported that it is capable of handling thin, medium, and thick materials. Quilters enjoy using this machine and say it meets their needs. As with most newer machines you can select if you wish the needle to stop in the up or down position.

Owners say the machine is very quiet and has a "smooth" operation. For those replacing machines several decades old they were somewhat surprised at just how quiet a modern machine can be.

The instruction manual and the included DVD seem adequate and get pretty good reviews. As with all sewing machines we recommend you take the time to read the instructions and watch the demonstration DVD to get started right.

The XR9500 comes with a case. There were a few concerns voiced about the case; which is described more of a cover than case. The cover / case does not lock and has no built in handle.

After reading the reviews we can confidentially recommend the Brother XR9500PRW as a good sewing machine for beginners.

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