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Brother SC6000i  Sewing Machine Review

Our Top Pick for Beginners Sewing Machine 
Product Description 

Brother SC6000i Sewing Machine
The Brother SC6000i is our top pick for the best beginner's sewing machine for under $175.00. It combines powerful and user friendly features typically found in much higher priced sewing machines.

 Read more about this machines features and our summary of consumer reviews to see why the Brother SC6000i ranks so highly among beginning and experienced sewers.

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The Brother SC6000i has more than enough features and power to take on just about any sewing project. It is well suited for crafting, creating garments, quilting, and general sewing duty. It is truly one of the best sewing machines for beginners for the money.

This machine is classified as a free arm sewing machine. In other words small detail projects such as sleeve and cuff sewing are easily possible. To use the CS6000i as a free arm sewing machine just remove the free arm.

The functions of the machine are controlled by the LCD display. Users may select between 60 built in stitches including plenty of utility and decoration stitches. The LCD display also displays important information such as stitch dimensions and which foot should be used for each stitch.

The Brother CS6000i is operated by a conventional foot pedal or by use of the start and stop button located on the machine. Sewers like this option when working on long projects.  The reverse sewing function is controlled by a button. This comes in handy as it allows you to lock in the start and finish of each seam by reverse stitching each. This favorite "trick of the trade" used by experienced seamstress keeps seam ends from slipping loose.    

The dual LED task lights shine brightly on the main work area and provide plenty of light for detail work.

Larger projects like quilts, draperies, and tablecloths are not a problem when the generous sized extension table is put to use. In fact a quilting package is included which has a walking foot, and a spring action quilting foot.

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Brother SC-6000i Electronic Sewing Machine Specifications

  • Free arm construction computerized sewing machine60 stitch functions,
  • 7 styles of 1-step buttonholes
  • 7 snap-on presser feet included.
  • LCD screen to select each computerized stitch selection.
  • Auto threading and quick auto-set drop-in bobbin
  • LED work lights
  • 7 mm stitch width
  • Included table accessory which allows for quilting and more.
  • Hard cover case
  • Accessories: Needle set, screwdriver, eyelet punch, spool caps and bobbins (3 each)
  • Limited 25-year warranty

Brother SC 6000i Electronic Sewing Machine Reviews brother 6000i rating

February 2014 Update:

It was nearly 2 years since our initial look at the Brother SC600i. So after Christmas 2013 we took another good look at customer reviews of this model to see how it was doing.

New buyers continue to give the SC6000i high marks and it retains it four and half stars. Several long term users of the SC6000i report great satisfaction after over 3 years of use with the machine. The SC6000i continues to please buyers and remains our top among beginners sewing machines.

The Brother SC 6000i is out top pick for the best beginners sewing machine for under $175.00. The Brother 6000 is an incredibly popular sewing machine. It's no surprise we found over 2000 consumer reviews for this machine and it earned a solid 4 and a half star rating.

The first thing we noticed is that most reviewers commented that this machine offers the features and accessories of machines costing two to three times as much. It was quickly apparent that many users consider this a good machine for beginners and experienced sewers. In other words this is a machine that will see you from simple beginners projects straight into complicated creations.  

The 6000i also gets high marks for being durable yet being light weight and very portable. A few reviews thought it was a bit too light and moved around a bit more than they like. However for those accustom to older machines just about any new generation machine seems very light. Still, those with concerns may want to consider the use of a non slip work pad, or even consider a heavy duty machine.

What impressed us was the fact that some reviewers updated their reviews after using the machine on a regular basis for several years. Almost all of them continued to say good things about the machine years after their initial purchase. That speaks well for any sewing machine, not just a beginner's sewing machine.

Some users reported a bit of difficulty learning how to thread the machine but with practice it sounds like they are doing fine. As with any sewing machine several reviewers warned that cheap thread should be avoided in this machine.

Another area of concern for a small number of reviews was difficulty with tension settings. However lots of reviewers found that their tension struggles ended when they took the time to completely read the manual and ensure the bobbin was properly threaded. Some reviews mentioned the machine performed best with high quality needles and metal bobbins.

Perhaps the best compliment paid was that several users candidly admitted they treated their machines badly and they still worked just fine.

The bottom line. The Brother sc6000 i combines a set of powerful but user friendly features and accessories. The overwhelming majority of reviewers say this machine is a great sewing machine for beginners and for more experienced sewers.

Given it's flexibility to complete many different projects and it's advanced features it's a value that is hard to beat.

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