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Brother XL2610 Sewing Machine

Best Value Pick
 Brother XL2610 Sewing Machine best sewing machines for beginners  Product Description 

The Brother XL2610 sewing machine is our top pick for "Best Value" in the beginners sewing machine market. Nearly identical to the XL2600i we like the way the pink color really stands out. If pink is not your color get the same machine in blue, it's the XL2600i.
Priced at under $100.00 it is clear the XL2610 is aimed at beginners. Yet it has more than enough features that make it a good choice as a back up machine for more experienced users.


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This light weight yet sturdy machine is suited for making garments, craft projects, and general sewing. The XL2610 makes a great beginners machine. However it has enough features that experienced sewers think it makes a great back up or travel machine.  These features include an automatic  needle threader, a drop in bobbin loading system with automatic winding, and a built-in thread cutter.

25 Handy Stitches

The Brother XL2610 features has twenty-five built-in stitches including utility, decorative, and heirloom stitches. Each stitch selection has multiple functions for added versatility, there are a total of 59 stitch functions. The stitch patterns are illustrated on the side of the machine for quick reference. Stitch patterns are selected with an easy to use stitch selection dial.

XL2610 stitch                 xl2610 stitch

            XL 2610Stitch Patterns                                   Easy Stitch Selector

According to the User Manual Stitch Patterns Include:
- Straight Stitch
- One step button hole
- Blind Hem stitch
- Zigzag stitch
- Elastic stitch
- Shell tuck stitch
- 2 Stretch Blind Hem stitches
- Elastic shell tuck stitch
- Double action stitch
- Bridging stitch
- Rampart stitch
- Triangle stitch
- Triple stretch stitch
- Trible zigzag stretch stitch
- Stretch overlock stitch
- Elastic overlock stitch
- Feather stitch
- 2 aarowhead stitches
- 2 Decorative stitches
- Leaf stitch
- Tree stitch
- Leg stitch

The free arm construction allows for hemming of shirt sleeves and pants legs but the machine converts easily to a flat bed configuration. There is an automatic needle threader and a built in thread cutter which makes set up easy for beginners. The bobbin is a convenient drop in style with an automatic winder. Thread tension is controlled with an adjustable dial.

Accessories are stored in the free arm of the machine and include snap-on presser feet for quilting, zipper insertion, darning, buttonholes, and sewing on buttons. Other features include a built in light to illuminate projects. Accessories include sewing notions, a complete user manual and a carrying handle. The user manual is bilingual in Spanish and English.

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Brother xl2610 Sewing Machine Features

  • Free-arm sewing machine
  • 25 built-in stitches and 59 stitch functions
  • Automatic buttonholer; automatic needle threaded; built-in thread cutter
  • Drop-in bobbin with automatic bobbin winding
  • Carrying handle
  • Built-in light; sewing notions; and user manual included
  • 25-year limited warranty
  • measures 15-2/5 by 6-2/3 by 11-2/5 inches 


      Brother XL2610 Sewing Machine Reviews: Brother sewing machine 4 stars


Upate February 2014:

After Christmas 2013 we were anxious to see how the Brother XL2610 was recieved by it's buyers; and stack up against the competition. Not doubt scores were given as gifts.

It was no surprise to us that the XL2610 continues to get good reviews by new users. Long time owners of this machine also checked back in and reported they are getting years of good use from the XL2610. 

  Our research turned up lots of positive reviews for the Brother XL2610 sewing machine. In fact it was hard to find any bad reviews of this product. It earned a solid 4.5 stars out of 5 stars. So it should be no surprise that the XL2610 is our pick for the best value for a sewing machine for beginners.

Checking the Brother website it is apparent that the XL2610 is nearly identical to the Brother 2600i. Both machines share nearly identical features, however there are very slight differences in the dimensions of the machine with the XL2610 appearing a bit smaller. 

Interestingly one of the most desirable aspects of the XL2610 was its pink color; many people chose it for color alone and were surprised by its good attributes. No doubt the XL2610 stands out among an endless line of white and ivory colored machines.

Lots of users commented that this is an excellent first sewing machine for beginners and highly recommend it for those looking for a good first sewing machine. Reviewers also made it clear that the Brother XL2610 sewing machine was a good choice because it has enough advanced features that intermediate sewers will like. Some experienced seamstresses also felt it makes a good second machine.

A few people purchased them for teens just starting out in sewing. Weighing in at about fourteen and half pounds this Brother machine can easily be moved about by a teen. The built in carrying handle makes moving it about even easier.

Nearly everyone felt the machine was very easy to use and found the instruction manual excellent. Its lightweight construction and portability were a big plus for many users; however a few felt that its light weight makes it prone to movement when sewing thick materials. Some users solved this by placing the machine on a non slip rug backing.

The 25 built in stitches were well received by most of the reviewers. For an entry level sewing machine many users were happy with how easily it sewed thick layers of cloth.

A few users reported some difficultly in threading the XL2610. This is a very common report from uses of machines in the sub $100.00 category no matter what the brand. Quite often difficulties with bobbin use and threading stems from new owners excitedly jumping right in and trying to use their new machines without reading the owners manual.  

We did turn up a some negative reviews. These were mostly that the machine was noisy and the reverse sewing function was hard to control. However plenty of other people completely refuted this claim. Based on the small number of negative reviews it is possible that these persons got bad machines in a line of what seems like a very good product.

From our point of view a couple complaints about Brother Sewing Machine are true, it does not include a cover and the foot pedal is plastic, nor is it adjustable. But at this price point these are very minor complaints.

Based the overwhelming number of positive reviews we can easily recommend the Brother XL2610 as a great sewing machine for beginners and those looking for a good value in a basic machine with some nice features.

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