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   Janome 2212 Sewing Machine

Is the Janome 2212 Sewing Machine right for you ?

Product Description

Janome 2212 Sewing Machine



The Janome 2212 Sewing Machine is an easy to use and value priced sewing machines for beginners. Despite it's value pricing this machine maintains the high quality we come to expect from Janome.

Aarow Visit Site This sewing machine proves the folks at Janome are committed to producing quality sewing machines for beginners. Priced a full $100 less than the more advanced Janome 7318 the Janome 2212 puts Janome quality well within the reach of budget minded beginners. Priced around $150.00 the 2212 is hard to beat.

The Janome 2212 has 12 built in stitches and features a four step buttonhole. For simplicity sake the stitch pattern selection, stitch length, and width and length are adjusted by mechanical dial. Beginners will appreciate this straight forward and easy to use system.

The Magnolia 2212 Sewing Machine is a free arm design and features a built in thread cutter and work light.

This Magnolia is well suited for crafting , quilting, home d├ęcor, light wad robe design, and general sewing tasks.

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Janome 2212 Sewing Machine Specifications:

  • Convenient Front Loading Bobbin
  • Carrying Handle Folding
  • Manual Tension Control
  • Drop Feed Dog
  • Snap-On Presser Feet
  • Built-In Thread Cutter
  • 12 stitches
  • 4-Step Buttonhole
  • Two Retractable, Vertical Spool Pins
  • Work Lamp
  • Push-Pull Bobbin Winder
  • Optional Softcover Available


Janome 2212 Sewing Machine Reviews: 2212 rating

Researching reviews on the Janome 2212 Sewing Machine we found this versatile machine earned a full 5 out of 5 stars by its owners. Almost no one had anything bad to say about this machine.

Both beginners and experienced sewers alike agree that the Janome 2212 is super easy to use and makes a great sewing machines for beginners. The value pricing was a big reason why many purchased this machine; many owners were surprised at just how good it for the money.

True of many beginners sewing machines lots of experienced sewers think this is a great spare sewing machine and is equally valuable as a on the go travel machine. It also comes highly recommended as a good machine for kids and teens.

Like it's more advances siblings owners like how solid, durable and sturdy the 2212 feels. The instruction manual is describes as excellent and complete. In a world of complex computer controlled sewing machines the Janome 2212 scored very high marks in simplicity and ease of operation. Clearly this is a case of less is more.

The 12 stitch patterns and button hole feature got good comments. While it's not overly fancy it appears that this machine will turn out good results day in and day out.

Given it's low price we were surprised to learn that the 2212 got no complaints about power. Users report that it's more than capable for multi level quilting, stitching through multiple layers of fabric, and even powering through layers of heavy denim.

A few owner felt the front loading bobbin make the machine a bit harder to use than drop in bobbins, however they described it as a minor complaint and once they got used to it did not really feel it was a con.

Based on our research we strongly recommend the Janome 2212 sewing machine as a very good sewing machine for beginners and a back up machine for more experienced sewers.


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