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Janome Jem Gold 660 Sewing Machine

   Product Description 


Janome Jem Gold 660The Janome Jem Gold 660 Sewing Machine combines a nice mix of portability and convenient features making it a great beginners machine or a take along machine for more advanced sewers.

This 3/4 size machine weighs in at only 12 pounds. Yet it has 12 stitch patterns, a top loading bobbin system, built in stitch patterns both beginners and experienced sewers will find handy, automatic needle threader, a 4 step buttonhole allowing this little jem to perform like a full size machine. Best of all, for under $200 you get that great Janome quality.

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Janome Jem Gold Full size Features on the Go

The Jem Gold features twelve stitch patterns. While not the sheer number of stitches one finds on a full size machine there are more than enought to handle any basic project. There is also a 4 step button hole. Stitches are selected by use of the stitch selector dial on the side of the machine. 

Jem Gold Stitches


  Janome Jem Gold Stitch Patterns:

  - 3 Zig Zag Pattern
  - Overcasting
  - Tricot Stitch
  - Shell Tuck Stitch
  - Blind Hem Stitch
  - 4 straight stitches




Jem Gold Presser Feet 

Jem gold presser footThe Jem Gold 660 comes with 3 presser feet including a general purpose presser foot as well as an overedge and sliding button hole foot. The presser foot lifter allows you to raise the presser foot about 1/4" from it's normal position. This comes in handy when changing out the presser foot or for placing thicker fabric under the foot.

Changing the presser foot is easy. just raise the presser foot, press the release button on the back of the foot holder and remove. To replace the presser foot just place the foot beneath the foot holder and lower the foot holder.


Janome Jem Gold Operation and Features

Janome has a solid reputation for building long lasting and easy to use sewing machines and the Janome Jem Gold 660 is no exception. Since this is a 3/4 size machine the Jem Gold may not have as many stitch patterns and advanced features as a full size machine. However the Jem Gold does retain all the quality and attention to detail in it's construction you come to expect from Janome.

Threading the Jem Gold is made easy by use of a clearly defined thread path. From the spool pull the thread through the thread guide, down the check spring holder, over the take up holder, down the take up lever eye, behind the needle thread guide, then use the automatic needle threader feature, Done.

The bobbin is an automatic winding drop in style, an industry standard for simple bobbin use. Basically this means once the bobbin is wound you just lift the bobbin cover and drop the bobbin into the bobbin case. The bobbin cover is clear so you can see how much thread remains on the bobbin.

Winding the bobbin is accomplished by using the hand wheel to disengage the clutch, pulling the thread through the thread guide, threading the bobbin, letting the machine wind the thread, then removing the bobbin and returning it to the bobbin case.

The speed of the machine is controlled by a variable speed foot pedal. In other words the harder you push down on the foot pedal the faster the machine runs. The working area of the fabric table is well lit by a light bulb mounted in the machines face plate. Reverse sewing is activated by the reverse stitch lever; ending your seam with a bit of reverse stitching is a handy trick used to lock down the ends of your stitches.

The needle plate and hook cover plate are marked with easy to read seam measuring guides which help you measure your seams. The guides are marked in both inches and centimeters and allow you to see the distance between the center needle position and the seam guideline.

Thread tension is controlled by use of a thread tension dial. Setting the proper thread tension is important to ensure your thread does not bunch up beneath the fabric.

The Jem Gold can be converted to use as a free arm machine by sliding off the extension table, which also doubles as the accessory storage tray. Accessories in the box include:

- Bobbins
- Needles
- Seam ripper
- Screwdriver
- Overage Foot
- Buttonhole Foot
- Large Spool Holder
- Small Spool Holder
- Spool Pin
Optional Accessories   

The Jem Gold 660 can be make even more functional and turn out beautiful quilts with the 5 piece quilting kit. The quilting kit includes a darning foot, darning plate, walking foot, quilting guide, and a 1/4" seam foot. Janome offers a very nice Jem Gold carrying tote, designed to fit 3/4 size machines. If you plan on taking this machine to sewing classes the tote is highly recommended.  


                              Jem Gold Tote                                   


           Jem Gold Tote                                          Jem Gold Quilt Kit
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 Janome Jem Gold 660 Sewing Machine User Reviews:  Brother sewing machine 4 stars

Researching the Janome Jem Gold Sewing Machine we discovered the Jem Gold is very well liked by its users. In fact there were very few negative reviews for this machine. It’s ranked a solid 4.5 stars out of 5 stars.

Lots of owners say the Jem Gold is really easy to use and makes an outstanding machine for beginning sewers. Several very experienced sewers gave it excellent reviews and often use the Jem Gold instead of their much more expensive machines because its handy and easy to use. Many use it as their primary machine when attending classes or quilting sessions.

According to reviewers this is a solid and sturdy machine, despite being a 3/4 size machine. More than one reviewer reported they have used the machine for many years and it is holding up just fine. Others say the Jem Gold stands up well to the punishment young sewers can dish out such as improper threading, breaking needles, and sewing with too thick of fabric.

As often the case simplicity is often a strong suit when it comes to sewing machines. Both beginners and very experienced sewers appreciate just how easy the Jem Gold is to use. The basic dials and levers of a mechanical machine often trump complex computerized machines.

As mentioned above it was hard to find any bad reviews for the Jem Gold. A few users mentioned they would like to see some features such as feed dogs that could be lowered for free style sewing. Others would like to see a zipper stitch. Yet overwhelmingly reviewers felt that given the size and price of this machine it performed beyond expectations.

Based on our research we can strongly recommend the Janome Jem Gold 660 as a great sewing machine for beginners and experienced sewers alike.


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