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Michley SS-602  Sewing Machine Review

Product Description 

michley ss 602 sewing machine best sewing machines for beginners

The Michley SS 602 is a no frills entry level machine priced at under $85.00. It features a variety of stitch patterns to give users some variety.

 Read about this machine's features to see if the Michley SS 602 is among the best sewing machines for beginners.

 brother sc6000 arrow View Website   The Michley SS602 offers 12 built-in stitch patterns. Each one of the patterns has adjustable lengths and widths. The machine has two speeds and can sew in forward and reverse. It can be operated by either switch or foot pedal. Like most newer machines the Michley has a built in light. The SS602 comes with a variety of accessories including a thread cutter and thread bag,

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Michley SS602 Electronic Sewing Machine Specifications

  • 12 adjustable built-in stitches
  •  Dual speed and dual thread in forward and reverse
  • 1-step button sewing
  • Tension controlled by a numbered dial
  •  Automatic thread rewinding
  • Comes with 2 thread spools, 2 bobbins, needle, threader, foot pedal, and adaptor
  • Weighs about 9 pounds

Michley SS 602 Electronic Sewing Machine Reviews

Researching the Michley SS602 yielded no reviews by consumers. This makes it difficult to stack up the Michley against it's beginners sewing machines competitors.

Researching the Michley sewing machine product line it becomes clear that the manufacturer specializes in small, lightweight, and highly portable desktop sewing machines.

Other Michley sewing machines average 3 and a half stars. Lower than the Michley's competition.

If we start finding some consumer reviews we will keep you updated.

Michley SS-602 Sew & Sew Electronic Sewing Machine with 60 Stitch Functions

 Update 2013

We did manage to find a couple reviews on this machine. Users reported that this machine is lightweight and inexpensive, however not much cheaper than some other brand name machines.

Users had several concerns about the machine. Namely it's struggle with penetrating heavy gauge fabric. 

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