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  Singer 2259 Tradition Sewing Machine

 Product Description Singer 2259 Tradition Sewing Machine 

  Singer 2259 Tradition Sewing Machine

The Singer 2259 Tradition sewing machine is a great entry level machine and also makes a good back up machine for more advanced seamstresses. It features 19 stitches, auto button holes, automatic tension adjusting, and snap on presser feet.   

At $100.00 or less the Singer 2259 represents one of the best values in a sewing machine for beginners.  

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The SINGER 2259 Tradition carries on Singer's long history of offering beginning sewers machines that are well built, reliable and easy to use. We are always suspicious when it comes to the quality and performance of sewing machines  priced under $100.00. But don't let the 2259 sewing machine's price tag of under $100.00 fool you; this machine will easily handle any basic sewing task as well as more advanced projects. 

We poured over 175 reviews for this machine and it's users agree that this machine is reliable and meets or exceeds their expectations.  

Besides it's great price simplicity is perhaps the greatest strength of the Singer 2259. Easy to read knobs control stitch length and pattern. The user friendly knob on the front of the machine lets you select one of 19 built in stitch patterns while the knob above it adjusts stitch length. Stitch patterns include six basic stitches, seven decorative stitches, five stretch stitches, and the 4 step automatic button hole.    

Thread tension is controlled by an equally user friendly dial on top of the machine. The built in tension settings go a long way in preventing "bird nesting," or the bunching of thread beneath your fabric. This makes it a lot easier for beginners when learning how to use a sewing machine. More advanced sewers can override the automatic tension settings when needed. Reverse sewing is made easy with a the flip of a lever.

Four presser feet are included with the machine. For projects with thick fabric the presser foot can be raised to a higher position for easy access.  As already mentioned stitch length is adjustable. So getting a longer stitch length for heavier duty sewing is easily accomplished. So it's easy to see that this seemingly simple machine is actually quite versatile.

The Singer Tradition features an "on-board" storage compartment for the bobbins, feet, needles, lubricant, cleaning brush, and more. When the storage compartment is removed the Singer Tradition 2259 functions as a free arm sewing machine.

At just over 13 and one half pounds the 2259 is not exactly a featherweight machine, however it includes a built-in carrying handle making moving it about a breeze. The weight of this machine is due in part to it's good construction. The machine is built around an internal metal frame making the 2259 a very structurally sound machine that feels very solid.   

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                Singer 2259 Tradition Sewing Machine Specifications

  • 19 built in stitch patterns
  • Easy to use stitch selection controller
  • Reverse sewing switch
  • Automatic tension
  • Snap on presser feet
  • Built in carry handle 

            Singer 2259 Electronic Sewing Machine Reviews 2259

The Singer 2259 Tradition sewing machine gets very good reviews and earns a solid 4 stars from it's buyers. This machine stands out as one of the best picks as the best sewing machine for beginners priced under $100.

Reviewers took on all kinds of projects with this machine including draperies, crafts, clothing, and general sewing  projects. Almost everyone that reviewed the Singer 2259 says it is an excellent beginners sewing machine.  For several reviews the 2259 marked their return to sewing. Some had not sewn with a machine for decades and were impressed with this machine.

As we suspected many users appreciated the easy to understand and user friendly controls. Both beginners and experienced sewers agreed that easy to use controls made their projects easier. The automatic thread tension is another well liked feature, particularly with users that have not bought a new machine in many years. 

Lots of reviewers commented that they were a little surprised that the Singer 2259 was able to easily sew through multiple layers of fabric without much of a problem. So this machine exceeded their expectations when it came to power. One review expressed disappointment with the machine because it could not sew through leather. However; given the machines price point we believe that reviewer was setting their expectations a bit high.  

Some users do not like the front loading bobbin as much as a drop in bobbin. However after reading the instructions closely those same users were able to successfully get the hang of the bobbin. If a drop in bobbin is important to you another Singer machine may suit you better.   

There were some discrepancies when it came to user reviews of the instructions. A few reviewers felt the instruction book was lacking in information, yet others reported complete satisfaction with the included manuals and instructions. It should be noted that many reviewers say it is important to read Singer 2259 instructions thoroughly. This was particularly true when it came to threading the machine. 

A few reviewers said they were initially concerned that the 2259 had only 19 built in stitch patters. After all some computerized machines in this price bracket have 30 or more stitches. Yet this machine did win them over due to it's ease of operation and many felt the 19 stitches were more than enough.

Overall the Singer 2259 Stylist Tradition gets very good reviews. Based on buyers reviews the Singer 2259 Tradition appears to be an outstanding value and a good sewing machines for beginners. We recommend the Singer Tradition

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