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  Singer 4423 Heavy Duty Sewing Machine

  Singer 4423 Heavy Duty Sewing Machine Description


Singer 4423 heavy duty sewing machineThe Singer 4423 is the work horse in our stable of beginners sewing machines. It's heavy duty metal frame, powerful motor, and stainless steel bedplate make it a great machine for anyone that plans on doing some serious sewing. 

The Singer 4423 makes quick and easy work of crafting projects, clothing alterations, and any general sewing task.  At $140.00 or less the Singer 4423 is a easy to use and solid machine with a lot going for it.

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Singer is well know for offering well built, reliable, and sturdy sewing machines. With the 4423 Heavy Duty Sewing Machine Singer takes this to the next level. This machine will handle just about anything a beginning, or experienced, sewer can throw at it.

As mentioned above the heavy duty metal frame allows this machine to be bumped around without harming it. The heavy frame also ensures it stays rock solid even during marathon sewing projects. 

Married up to the heavy duty frame is a fast and extra powerful motor which allows you to power through thicker fabric easier. In fact the motor of the 4423 is rated 60% stronger than motors in the average machine at this price point. The motor drives the machine at 1100 stitches per minute, quicker than a standard machine.

But the 4423 is not all about brawn and brute strength. This machine features 23 built in stitches including 6 Basic Stitches, 4 Stretch Stitches, 12 Decorative Stitches, and 1 Buttonhole. This variety of stitches allows you create beautiful craft projects, classy home decor, and chic garments.

Both stitch selection and length are controlled by easy to use knobs and dials. While we love computerized sewing machines it's awfully tough to beat the ease and simplicity of machines with manual stitch selections. Some of the best sewing machines are ones that are easy to use.

As with most Singer machines the 4423 is pretty straight forward to thread, just follow the simple thread path. Once the thread is strung getting the eye of needle threaded is accomplished easily by using the automatic needle threader. Continuing with the simple threading theme the bobbin is a drop in style, with a clear cover. As with any sewing machine we strongly recommend you consult the user manual to ensure threading remains easy.

The machine also boasts some other nice features. A thread tension dial lets you easily adjust the tension to help prevent bunched thread beneath the fabric. Reverse stitching is controlled by a simple switch near the presser foot. Speaking of presser feet; this machine includes snap on 4 presser feet. One of them being the button hole foot. 

The presser foot has an extra high lifter to allowing you get thicker fabric in under the presser foot. After all what good is it to have a heavy duty machine if you cant fit some thick fabric under the presser foot. The presser foot also has an adjustable tension function so users can easily transition from sewing very light weigh fabric to heavy fabric.

Another handy feature is the ability to drop feed with the flip of a switch. The switch is located behind the removal accessory tray. With a drop feed  the machine feed dogs are dropped down and do not move the fabric along the sewing plate. Drop feed sewing is particularly nice for free hand sewing such as monograming and decorative stitching. 

The Singer 4423 can also be used a free arm machine so you can turn out cuffs, collars, and hems. To convert the machine for free arm sewing simply slide the accessory tray to the left and remove it.  

The Singer 4423 has a removable "on-board" storage compartment which contains 4 presser feet, needles, bobbins, thread spool caps, auxiliary spool pin, L screw driver, seam ripper, lint brush, soft side dust cover, and an edge quilt guide. The built in work light keeps your projects well lit. 

At 17 and one half pounds the 4423 is not a featherweight machine, but anyone buying a heavy duty machine does so anticipating some extra heft. In fact the extra weight is a strong selling point for those who prefer a heavier sewing machine.

Given it's ability to handle heavy duty tasks, solid construction, simple operation, and reasonable price we can easily recommend the 4423 as a good beginners sewing machine. 

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Continue reading to see how buyers and actual users of this machine rate it. 


  Singer 4423 Tradition Sewing Machine Specifications

  • 23 built in stitch patterns
  • Heavy duty construction with a both powerful and fast motor
  • Easy to use stitch selection knob
  • Reverse sewing switch
  • Automatic tension
  • Snap on presser feet

            Singer 4423 Heavy Duty Sewing Machine Reviews 2259

The Singer 4423 Heavy Duty sewing machine gets great reviews and earns a solid 4 stars from it's buyers. According to it's users the machine makes a very good beginners sewing machine for under $130.00

Most buyers feel the machine has a nice mix of features that will help both the beginner and more experienced sewer turn out nice projects. Plenty of people were making garments, costumes, bedding, draperies, basic quilts, and crafting projects with the machine. These projects included a wide variety of materials including vinyl, fur, denim, light fabric, webbing, Cordura, ripstop Nylon, and even thin leather, among others. So it seems clear the 4423 can handle just about any fabric most users will feed it.

 As expected lots of reviewers liked the heft and substantial feel of the 4423 compared to previous "beginner" sewing machines they used in the past. More than one user said they replaced a lighter duty machine with this one because they wanted a more sturdy feeling machine. The solid construction comes in handy for those who move the machine around a lot, like taking it from sewing class to sewing class. A couple users reported they actually dropped the machine and it kept ticking. A small number of people felt it was not as "heavy duty" as they expected, however this may be a case of over expectations in a $130.00 machine.

The 23 built in stitches seemed more than enough for just about any basic sewing project; plenty of folks reported the machine has more than enough stitch patterns and saw no need to go with a more complicated machine.

The easy to understand and user friendly controls were a big hit with many who own this machine. While computerized machines are very nice it's hard to beat manual control knobs, dials, and levers to keep things nice and simple. This is especially true when you don't need 50 different stitch patterns.

The extra strong motor appears to get the job done well for just about everyone, only a few reviewers felt the machine was not as powerful as it should be. Those transitioning from budget priced machines enjoyed the speed at which the 4423 sews. A surprising number of sewers commented on just how quiet and smooth this machine is. A few thought the machine was a bit loud when compared to other machines. Predictably; what constitutes a loud sewing machine depends on the user.

Users appreciated the drop in bobbin. Some said the bobbin bounced around in the holder so they simply used metal bobbins and the problem was solved. We always strongly recommend you fully read and understand your sewing machine instructions. This model is no exception. Reviewers reported that the 4423 is even nicer to use if you fully read the instructions.

Overall the Singer 4423 Heavy Duty Sewing Machine gets very good reviews. For those looking for a good sewing machine that's faster and most powerful than most beginners sewing machines the 4423 may be a good choice.

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