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  Singer One Sewing Machine

 Product Description Singer One Sewing Machine


  Singer One Sewing Machine

The Singer One sewing machine is the start of a new line of Singer sewing machines. The Singer One is a fully electronic machine with push button controls and plenty of features designed to make sewing easier for the beginner.

At less than $250.00 the Singer One offers both beginners pros a lot for the money. This machine can take you from beginner to pro without breaking the bank.

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With the Singer One beginners and experienced sewers have will have the confidence to take on just about any type of project. This machine is perfect for quilting, crafting, fashion sewing, and decorative sewing.

The Singer One has 24 built in stitches which include 6 basic, 12 decorative, 4 stretch, and 2 button hole. Stitch selection is accomplished by simply pressing the desired stitch selection button on the front of the machine. Stitch length and width is automatically set by the machine to the optimal size for each stitch. However the automatic settings can be overridden so you can create custom length and width stitch settings depending on your project needs.

We really like the bright and easy to read LCD screen which displays stitch information, the red color really pops out. Too many machines these days have hard to read black and grey LCD screens. Another feature we like is the illuminated stitch buttons, when you select a stitch pattern the selection button lights up red.

To keep threading easier Singer incorporates what they call a "Swift Smart Threading System with Automatic Needle Threader." Simply stated it means that there is a single and easy to find thread path from spool to needle. Once at the needle a lever on the side of the machine automatically threads the needle. It appears fast and well thought out.

The Drop & Sew bobbin system is another time saver on the Singer One. The bobbin drops in directly in front of fabric plate. There is no need to draw up the bobbin thread because the machine does it for you. The bobbin plate is made of clear plastic allowing you to see how much thread is left on the bobbin.

Like most of today's better sewing machines the Singer One has an automatic tension control system. This helps eliminate bunching and tangling of thread beneath fabric and provides for consistent stitch quality no matter what type of fabric you are sewing.

A really nice addition to the machine is what Singer calls a "Drop Feed." In essence the drop feed is a feed dog control lever. The feed dogs on a sewing machine are thin metal bars in the machines needle plate located directly below the presser foot. The bars, which move back and forth, have raised metal teeth which grip the fabric and feed the fabric through the machine. The machines timing makes sure the feed dogs feed the fabric in small steps in between the stitches. With a drop feed controller sewers can manually lower the feed dogs so they do not pull the fabric through the machine. With the feed dogs disengaged you can move the fabric through the machine easily. This allows you to monogram, do free hand embroidery, and attach buttons without having to worry about installing a feed plate cover.

The presser foot on this machine has and a pressure control system which automatically adjusts the amount of foot pressure exerted on the fabric. In theory this ensures that you can sew everything from light fabric to very heavy fabrics without having to change presser foot pressure manually. The presser foot also has a sensor that will not allow the machine to sew unless the presser foot is in the down position. If the foot is not properly set the machine will "beep" at the user reminding them to lower the presser foot. Again, a couple more nice features that will make a beginners sewing experience easier and more enjoyable.

Quilters and crafters with large projects will enjoy the extra large work space area on the machine. The design of the machine allows you to fit more fabric beneath the machine, this results in less fabric bunching and easier movement of your projects beneath the presser foot.

The accessories included with this machine are pretty standard for sewing machines in this price range. Included with the machine is: All-Purpose Foot, Blind Hem Foot, Satin Stitch Foot, One-step Buttonhole Foot, Zipper Foot, Needles, Bobbins, Spool Pin Felt, Auxiliary Spool Pin, Thread Spool Caps, Needle Plate Screwdriver, Lint Brush/ Seam Ripper and Soft-Sided Cover. 

One thing that immediately stood out to us was the machines styling. It's curvy shape and retro graphics make it visually appealing and remind us of classic Singer machines from the early 1900's.

Our impression is that Singer hit the mark with this machine, it's a really nice machine for beginners that leaves them a lot of room to grow as they gain experience. When you balance it's modern appointments, time saving features, and price it looks like a winner. 

 Continue reading to see how buyers of the Singer One review and rate it. 

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  Singer One Electronic Sewing Machine Specifications

  • 24 built in stitch patterns
  • Push button stitch selection with optimized stitch size
  • Automatic reverse
  • Drop in bobbin with auto winding
  • LED work lamps

            Singer One Electronic Sewing Machine Reviews Stars for singer 7258

The Singer One electronic sewing machine gets very good reviews and earns a solid 4 and a half stars from it's buyers. Not bad for a newer machine. It will likely give the other singer machines like the 7258 Stylist serious competition in the beginner sewing machine market.

Almost everyone that reviewed the Singer One gave it excellent marks. A large number commented on how easy the machine is to use. Several reviewers said they had the machine out of the box and up and running in a matter of minutes. As we suspected that is probably due to the time saving features built into the One. Users frequently mentioned that this machine smooth and fairly quiet.

As with most sewing machines we review there were some negative comments. We found a few reviews where the owners initially had difficulty with threading or operating the machine. Some of the same reviewers commented that upon reading the instructions the problems were overcome.

Users that had the machine for a while came to appreciate the drop in bobbin and automatic needle threader, again it sounds like it pays to read the instructions and learn how to thread this machine properly.

There was no real feedback on the automatic presser foot pressure function. So at this point we take that as no news is good news. Apparently the Singer One's ability to sew through different weight fabric without much fuss is as advertised.

Overall the Singer One gets really good reviews. Buyers appreciated how easy the machine is to use and felt it's a good value.

Based on buyers reviews the Singer One is a very good sewing machines for beginners. We recommend the Singer One.

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